Memoriae – Next Generation of Decentralized Cloud Storage Based on Blockchain

The proliferation of wireless broadband and fast networks is driving data into the cloud, decoupling it from specific physical devices and ushering in an era of data access through any screen. The cloud makes these data easily accessible and as a result the need for local storage is increasingly diminished. Centralized cloud storage systems provided by authoritative and reliable third party organizations are dedicated to meeting these data storage needs. However, that raises the issue of data privacy. For example, do you feel comfortable handing over important data or even data of vital interests to somebody else for its safekeeping? Will they store your data as per your requirements? Can you be assured that your data will be retrievable in its entirety without compromise when you need it, and that your service provider will not expose it to anyone without your permission? Those are all the questions that must be answered before you take the next step. If the above are your concerns, then the now-popular centralized storage system may not fit you well anymore. You may ask: Is there any alternative secure data storage solution for me? The answer to this question is the… Continue Reading