New tree guards against deer, rabbits, and other animals

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Dagenham, UK, Tree-guard is the must-have thing for your garden. If you are a passionate planter, you must protect your trees and plants from deer ,rabbits, squirrels , cats, and other animals for healthy growth. It’s essential specially to protect fruit plants as well as flower shrubs from animals like deer, rabbit, cats ,rodents’ squirrels, and lawn mowers. 

However, when buying the tree protector, you might be thinking about many factors. As gardening is an ultimate obsession, and people love to protect the trees from deer and rabbits by employing different methods like fencing, using animals or deer repellants,

Moreover, you may consider some other factors collectively that could add some information to your buying options. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Design and Flexibility 

Most of the tree protectors or cages come in comprehensive  design, sizes, and shapes. So, you should measure the size of your tree trunk before buying any defensive unit. Some brands make protective shields with flexible design and lock systems. You can join two or more units to get the required length. Hence, the width is also adjustable with a tab locking system. Thus avoid the tree protectors having small sizes and fuzzy inter-locking systems.

Deer always find trees for rubbing and cuddling. As a result, tree barks are damaged, and plants die eventually. Thus, it’s essential to protect the trees from deer and avoid the tree guards which deer may easily slide up for rubbing.

So, a tree guard needs to be flexible, fixed firmly and multipurpose. With flexible protectors, trees grow within time, and a flexible unit will let the tree expand with age for quick growth. In addition, an expandable and flexible tree guard won’t prevent tree trunk growth, and the tree will thrive.

Composition and Features

The tree guard should be made of high-quality material because it may encounter many unusual conditions, including animals’ attacks and extreme weather conditions. Thus, durable material will survive for several years, and you can reuse the product for your next season. So, I would recommend protectors with variable materials including, plastics like polypropylene, polyethene, or metal. These materials offer great flexibility  and may be expanded with the growth of planters.

In plastic tree guards prefer a biodegradable material like virgin PP (Polypropylene), or PE materials as they decompose in soil naturally and cause no danger to environment or plant health.

UV resistant 

Most tree guards are facilitated with UV resistant material and are suitable for outdoor planters. You can install them without any worry because color and shape won’t get changed, and you can use them for many years as well. Thus, it’s important to buy a tree protector with UV protection or vinyl coating outside. 

Easy Installation 

When buying a tree protector, you must need to evaluate its installation. If it’s easy to install, you should prefer , and must avoid buying those products which require additional tools or ties. That just means more cost and hassle. Another point to consider is sturdiness of its connections with solid built-in interlock system. Thus, installation is the primary option when you buy any tree protector. So, choose the protectors having convenient, easy, and sturdy connections.

Price and warranty 

To buy a tree trunk guard is a one-time investment because a durable and compatible product will last for years, and you will be worry-free from animals and weather conditions. A large range of  Tree bark protectors from deer is available on stores as well as ecommerce stores like amazon at a reasonable price. So, you can easily choose and buy from many options without compromising on quality.  We may recommend a new product which may be an ideal choice to protect trees from deer or rabbits for outdoor and indoor planters. However, we recommend deep research in this regard. 

Superb Symbols Tree Bark Protector 

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If you are looking for durable and compatible tree protectors with breathable holes, you must watch for a superb Symbol tree trunk protector for deer. It’s an ideal square shape green tree tube with UV Protection,  water-resistant, moisture-absorbing guard to protect plant tree sapling from the summer sun, frost like weather conditions. You can choose this product because of its easy installation and long-lasting nature.

Design and Material

The tree cage is durable and made with corrugated corflute virgin polypropylene (PP) plastic which is usually biodegradable and comes with 20 stakes for sturdy fix in ground against winds, animals. So, it’s highly flexible and adjustable to adapt to the shape of the trunk. Thus, it can bear extreme weather conditions, may have no hazardous effect for plants unlike normal plastic product and may be fixed in ground firmly with nails provided in the package. 

Main features 

  • Biodegradable material and  breathable holes allow healthy growth with proper air circulation 
  • Facilitated with jointless bottom design for an easy fix with stakes
  • It can expand horizontally for wide trunks, allow more space to seedlings
  • Can be installed with built in connection, and there is no need for ties or tools
  • Available in three sizes ,24 inches,32 inches,45 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide fitting most trees easily

What do I like about it?

  • Excellent Tree protector from deer or rabbit, cats, and squirrels
  • Great bottom design for easy fixture with stakes against wind, animals sliding the guards up
  • Tree tube shield against winter frost and UV light 
  • Easy to connect and breathable material 
  • Effective in windy areas for seedlings protection
  • Protect the tree seedlings from sun scald and frost like weather conditions
  • Provides comfortable growth and expands freely

What I dislike?

  • May not stand against sharp equipment like trimmer, blades
  • Prices are variable for each size 

We would highly recommend simple, environment friendly tree guards over fencing or repellants to avoid any harm to animals as well as plants.

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